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App Review - Stop Motion Recorder

"Your Premier Source For iPhone's And iPod's" Stop Motion Recorder is a great App that makes your vids look excellent. This App turns an extremely hard ...

Stop Motion Recorder - App Review

This is another iOS app review and not it's not a games. I think the iDevices are much more than a gaming device so this application, which I am going to show ...

[iPhone App] Stopmotion recorder

Stopmotion Recorder APP for iPhone -

A StopMotion I created with my .99 cent iPhone App . For more of my Artwork visit my web site at

3 Fun iOS 4 Apps worth downloading ( Aerox, Flip It, StopMotion Recorder )

Some really cool apps worth downloading in iOS4(All are paid) -Flip it, game like bop it (99 cents) -StopMotion Recorder allows you to create cool claymations ...

X-Men, Fighting To Protect!! - App Review: StopMotion Recorder

StopMotion Recorder is toy video camera enable you to make stunning stop motion video like claymation. And you can edit, share movie via Mail, 'Flickr', 'Twitter ...

[iphone app] stopmotion recorder

iphone fix.

Stop-Motion App Tutorial

A quick intro to the Stop-Motion Studio App available on iOS for the iPad and iPhone. Click the link below to download for your device. Stop Motion Studio App: ...

[iPhone app] StopMotion recorder

[iPhone app] StopMotion recorder

[iPhone app]Stopmotion recorder